"Keep on the sunny side of life."

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Great day!

What a great day today was! I got to see my little sister and her husband. We ate lunch together at Topps. She went to get her hair cut, and Philip and I hung out at the house. When she got back (with a great new do!) she and I went to get a pedicure. I haven't had one in FOREVER - probably at least 5 years. She's NEVER had one. It was so fun! Rosie told me that Philip would never forgive me, cause now she's hooked. Then we both got our rings cleaned (now they're nice and shiny!), and went to WalMart to purchase some sunglasses. I spent the rest of the afternoon washing clothes and reading. I love days like today, and knowing that in a couple of weeks I'll be back to work teaching 50 kids makes me appreciate it even more. :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another one!

Ready for another glimpse into the mind of Lee Ann? Here's another crazy dream I had recently.

I dreamed that I was driving home from my parents' house in Warren, and I got pulled over. The cop walked up to my car, and he was a real young guy, probably younger that I am. I was worried that he was gonna be mean, so I was very surprised when he came up to my window with a smile. He started talking to me, and then he proceeded to get in my car so we could keep chatting. We hit it off, and talked for what seemed like hours. In my dream, for some reason, I saw no problem with this. I was really excited, because I assumed that now that we were pals he wouldn't give me a ticket. I was wrong. He told me that he was going to give me a ticket.

I had some errand to run, and since we'd spend so much time talking, I was running late. So I told him I'd go run my errand and be right back to get my ticket. He saw no problem with this! So I drove off, ran my errand, and came back just like I said I would. (I'm honest in my dreams, apparently.)

When I came back, it was dark already, and I saw lots of cars parked and people out partying. Apparently my new friend had decided to throw a party while he was waiting for me. I got out to get my ticket, and he invited me to stay for the party. I decided not to. (I'm not a big party girl, you know.) So I left, but not before he gave me the ticket.

When I got back home, I went over to Clayton and Mandy's house and told them about my experience. Clayton was furious that this cop had acted so unprofessionally.

How random.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Catching Up

I spent four hours last night reading my old posts and comments. I forgot how much I used to love blogging! I loved reading what had gone on in my life over the past two years. There were so many things that I'd forgotten about - great memories to read back through. Some of my favorite posts to read were ones about the crazy dreams I've had! I'm gonna catch you up on some of my favorites and most memorable over the next few days. Here's the first.

I had this dream a few weeks ago when I was helping Taylor and his dad work a baseball tournament. My job was to put the pictures Taylor took on the computer, label them according to team, location, and age, and rate them 1-5. I then put them online. At one point in the weekend, I was freaking out because I was convinced I was doing it wrong. I didn't think I had some of the team names right, there were a few teams I hadn't the foggiest idea of name, age, or location, and I had tried to upload too many pictures on the internet at a time, so it froze. It was a pretty tense time. By the end of the weekend I had things figured out and all was going smoothly, but those few hours were very stressful!

One night after that day, I had the craziest dream! I dreamed that I was again enlisted to help Taylor and his dad with a tournament, but this time I would be helping with t-shirts. It would be my job to iron the team photos on the shirts using a big heat press they have. For some reason, Taylor's dad thought it would be okay for me to hold down the fort BY MYSELF the first night of the tournament and the next morning. Come on, Jerry! And, for some reason, I agreed to do it. There I was, sitting under the tent, waiting for the tournament to begin when several things went wrong.

First, no one was buying shirts. There was another girl selling the same kind of shirts on the other side of the tent, and she was getting all the business! In my dream, I was sure that this was all my fault, but I didn't know exactly what to do about it.

Then, it started raining. Not just raining, pouring. This was a problem because all of the boxes with the t-shirts in them were for some reason stored outside of the tent. I frantically moved all the boxes under the tent, which was now very crowded with people and everybody else's wet boxes as well.

The next terrible thing that happened was Taylor's sister came by. Now normally, this would not be a terrible thing. I love Tarah! But in my dream, she was very disappointed in my performance on the job. She couldn't believe I hadn't sold more than I had, and she was very upset that I let all the boxes get wet.

By this point in the dream, I was distraught. Then, the worst thing happened. I looked over to again check on the other girl selling photo t-shirts and see that she was not by her heat press making shirts. She was standing over our heat press, cooking a humongous, juicy steak! It was literally like the whole leg of a cow. This seemed ridiculous to me! Who in their right mind would use a heat press to cook food?!? I ran over to her, asking what she thought she was doing! She said she was hungry! I told her that if she wanted to cook steak, dang it, she'd better cook it on her own heat press - not ours!

That's where the dream ended. Crazy! I told Taylor about my dream the morning after, and he thought it was just as funny as I did. The next day, he and his dad started working another tournament, and Taylor came home for dinner. He told me that his dad had used the heat press that afternoon to warm up his nachos! Now, that's REALLY crazy! Tune in for more dreams!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Second new post in as many minutes? What?!?! I just had to say this. So, I looked a little closer and my last post was in March...of LAST YEAR. Whoa. I've been a lot worse at blogging than I thought! Forgive me!

I'm alive!

I'm still here! Anyone still looking? I have seriously let my blogging go down the drain this summer. I just saw that my last post was in March - sad, sad.

My summer has been going well so far, and actually, it's almost over! This is technically my last week of freedom before workshops take up the remainder of my summer days. Lots of things have happened this summer - good and not-so-good. Some of the not-so-good stuff: family drama, friends dealing with pregnancy troubles, friends moving away. But lots of good things have happened, too. I've gotten to spend lots of time with my family and friends, which I always love. Taylor and I started a new health plan - which we've been consistent with for almost two months now. My health, as far as diabetes goes, is doing well. I got a cool new sensor that tests my blood sugar every 5 minutes automatically, so at any time of the day, I can look at my insulin pump and see. Pretty cool, right? So, yeah, good things and not-so-good things. Such is life, right?

I'm going to try to keep up with my blogging better in the weeks to come, so keep checking back frequently for new posts!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Are you ready for this?

(How many of you are singing the song now?) ;)

I'm posting AGAIN! Two days in a row, baby! All thanks to a little thing I like to call free time. Ah...it's wonderful. Wanna hear what I did today? Slept in, had lunch with Tay, watched Raiders of the Lost Ark (I love Indiana Jones! Can't wait till the movie this summer!), and went to the eye doctor. My eyes are still dilated (yuck), but they're a little better than they were a few hours ago. I'm fixing to be at the Files's playing cards (Hearts, no doubt). I love Spring Break!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008


It's Spring Break! And I haven't posted since Christmas Break. Oh well.

I just wanted to update those of you who might have been wondering what's happened in the past three months of my life. Actually, not that much. More of the same old stuff. But it's all good! Let's see...how about one of my beloved lists? Oh, alright, you convinced me.

Lee's favorite things from the past three months (in totally random order...except for #1...):

1. Definitely number one - the SNOW!!! 9 Days ago (a little over a week? And two days ago it was 80 degrees?) it snowed about 6 inches. It snowed all day long. It was beautiful and fun and exciting and on the weekend, so no school was missed (aka, no school has to be made up at the end of the year). Yipee!

2. Friends - lots of hanging out with friends has happened over the past three months, and man have I enjoyed it! Game nights, dinner dates, good ole hangouts...so much fun! Also, two of my best friends from college just got engaged. One of them was proposed to in her classroom (she's a kindergarden teacher). Her fiance made t-shirts for all her students to wear with a letter on each shirt. They were all lined up to spell out "Miss Brittany, will you marry me?" And he was wearing the question mark. How sweet!

3. American Idol - I'm addicted. Even though I have no cable or satellite, I have somehow managed to watch every episode since the auditions. (Well, the performances. I miss the results shows most weeks.) Some weeks I went to my parents in Warren to watch it, a couple of times I went to Taylor's dad and grandma's house, and recently I've been going to Jeff and Caroline's (my pastor and his wife's) house to watch it. My faves? Jason Castro (he's so dreamy...sigh...;)) , Lil' David Archuleta (I don't know why, but every time I say his name, I have to put the "lil" on there. He's so little and cute! And great voice!), Brooke White (she's cool), and Carly (she's like a pro already.) Yea American Idol!

4. Books! I've been reading like crazy since Christmas, and I've read some really good books. A lot of the books I've read have been adolescent literature (you know, books for my classroom), but I've read some really good "grown-up" books too. I love reading!

5. Family - We've gotten to spend a lot of time with family in the past few months. We went to Little Rock last weekend to spend the day with Taylor's family, and we had a lot of fun there. Also, for the past couple of months, Taylor and I have gone over to my parents' house once a week and made dinner for them before watching American Idol or Lost. I've really enjoyed hanging out with them, and I'm thinking of keeping it going even after American Idol is over. I forget how much I like those people! ;) And last but not least, this week I get to see Rosie and Phillip! I'm so excited! Tay, my mom, my sister Suzanne, her son Josh, and I are all going down to Camden, AL Thursday to see them. I'm sure I'll have plenty of pictures and stories from that trip!

I guess those are the highlights. I'm sure I'm forgetting some stuff, but it's too late to worry about that now!

Friday, December 28, 2007

I'm Ba-ack!

So, I'm a liar. I didn't post sooner rather than later like I said I was going to. Oh, well. The important thing is that I'm posting now, right? Right.

The Christmas season came and went in a blur, like always. I can't believe it's over already. I whizzed through the week in a flurry of holiday get-togethers and family gatherings, all of which consisted of much fun and much more food. I'm still full! I got to see family that I haven't seen in some time...Rosie and Phillip, Taylor's mom and sister, etc. And I got some pretty cool gifts (a digital camera! a comforter! earrings! books!) All in all, it was another great Christmas.

And...today is my birthday. I am a quarter of a century old. I had a wonderful day of basically doing nothing, which is exactly what constitutes a perfect day in my book. This morning I got up (with a runny nose and a baritone voice) at 5:00 and couldn't go back to sleep. So I did what any other insomniac would do...I went to WalMart. There were a grand total of four other cars in the parking lot and about 15 people in the store, including the employees. I bought some cold medicine (I love you, Theraflu!), chicken noodle ABCs soup, cat food, and two movies for $5 each, Clue and The Italian Job. I was home by 5:30! When I got home, I realized I hadn't put my key back on the ring from the weekend of family members using it to get in to the house, so I had to call and wake up my poor hubbie to let me in. I got back in bed, drank my Theraflu, watched Clue, and slept till 10:00. Then I ate some soup, watched another movie, read some of my new book, and took a nap. Then Taylor took me out to eat for my b-day and we went to see National Treasure. (It was pretty good, but the first one was better, of course.) It was a great day!

My plans for tomorrow? Dentist appointment in the morning. (yuck) Then I'm going to spend a couple of hours at the school. Hopefully I can come back home, wash clothes, do dishes, and then do a little more of nothing. We'll see how that goes.

I posted! Yeah!